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Male v/s Female Dogs

Male v/s Female Dogs – Preferences & Differences

There are some differences of male v/s female dogs and they can be seen in their behavior, training and other aspects of daily pet life. If you want to get a dog you are not sure about the gender, there are some things that can make you reach a decision easier. Preferences & Differences Of Male v/s Female Dogs General Traits Male Dogs Males can be easier to deal with, sometimes more affectionate, ...
small dog breed list

Pros and Cons Of Owning A Small Dog Breed

When it comes to getting a puppy or a dog, you might be wondering which type of breed you should choose – a small dog breed or a big one. There are several pros and cons for each choice, so it is wise to first do your research and make a decision based on what matters the most to you. So here below are the top pros and cons of owning a small dog breed, to help you make a well-informed decision. Top ...
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