Dog Obedience – How To Come Across As The Leader Of The Pack

dog obedience training1 212x300 Dog Obedience   How To Come Across As The Leader Of The PackHave you wanted a dog but have held back the decision because you were worried about Dog Obedience training? Most of us, at some point in our lives, we will want to buy or adopt a pet dog. Buying a dog or adopting a dog is one thing but taking care of it is another. You see, taking care of a dog is not as simple as you think it can be because it will require you, the owner of the dog, to build a strong relationship and bond with your pet. The relationship between you and your pet is an area that needs to be emphasized. Your dog must know who the master is and for that to become possible, you should definitely opt for dog obedience training.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility because dogs must be properly trained in order for it to become obedient and to be safe around children. A dog should learn how to act accordingly especially in the midst of children and family members.

You must establish a connection with your dog and this is done through exercise, discipline and affection. The process is also known as conditioning or dog training. A dog is innately conditioned to live as part of a pack so therefore, it should follow a leader. That leader is you, the owner or master and you must take every opportunity you get to display this dominance over your dog.

Not everyone can afford obedience training so many choose to train their pet dog by themselves. There is nothing wrong with training your dog all by yourself, but you must know the essentials of dog conformity training.

Here below are some commands that are taught during Dog Obedience training:

Basic Commands:


In dog training, teaching ‘sit’ requires a lot of patience. You will also have to carry out this command repetitively and a reward system should be followed. At first, you should train your dog using no sound. You will let your dog sit by using a hand gesture. If your dog follows, you must give him enough affection, treats, toys or a belly rub.


This command is taught right after your dog learns the command ‘sit’. When you use the command ‘down’, a dog has to fold its front paws and legs, with your dog almost touching the ground with it’s belly touching the floor. Again, training your dog for this particular command will also require lots of patience and it would be wise to use repetition and rewards.


This is the third basic command you and your dog will learn in dog obedience training. This is a normal, standing position where the head of the dog is parallel to the handler’s leg. This is a great command used when taking walks with your dog and can even be used if you want to take your dog out with your while you jog.dog obedience training 300x199 Dog Obedience   How To Come Across As The Leader Of The Pack

Come or Here:

These are commands that are used to encourage your dog to come towards you. You must keep in mind that you must never use this command for punishment. Your dog may get traumatized and it could result in disobedience.


This command will display how patient and obedient your pet dog has turned as a result of all the training you have put in and not just if he stays in one position when you command him to. Mostly used during dog shows where a treat will be placed in front of the dog but the dog is commanded to ‘stay’. The point of this exercise is to test a dog’s obedience so that it will get the treat and remain in one place.

To wrap this up, remember that an advanced command is also offered in pet obedience training. You must not stress your dog out but give him or her ample rest or breaks as this will help your dog relax and focus even more while being trained to become very obedient.

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