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Dog Positive Reinforcement Training

The most common question dog owners ask is whether Dog Positive Reinforcement Training works every time and most times it does but for some circumstances, you need to use Correction to get a dog to do what you instruct it to do. Rewarding a dog simply with a treat, hug, attention and love works most times, but there are some rules that you need to follow which are outlined below.

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Understand all there is to know about dog positive reinforcement training

Positive reinforcement is a method of training dogs in order to create certain positive behaviors and character traits in dogs. The principle behind which it works is by putting emphasis on positive actions and rewarding the dog when they keep up good behavior. This approach avoids negative actions in an attempt to correct wrong or unwanted behavior in a dog. What guides the dog owner to correctly use dog positive reinforcement training is finding out what motivates their dog. These could be anything ranging from treats, verbal encouragement and toys among many others. Such things are used as the building blocks upon which positive reinforcement is built on and  is used to get the desired good behavior.

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How can you achieve perfect positive reinforcement dog training?

Every training follows a set of guidelines in order to achieve the ultimate goal. In the same way, dog training using positive reinforcement requires the dog owner to make a specific set of instructions. Firstly, there is a need to come up with some cue words which are meant to spur the dog into doing certain actions. Basically, this includes the common commands of everyday life such as sit, stand, run and down. All dogs respond to commands but the manner in which they do so differs from dog to dog depending on their training.

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After creating and training using such cues, the principle of positive reinforcement is then applied. Therefore, the dog must be rewarded every time they are given the cue and they follow it to the letter. When they respond appropriately, it shows that they observe discipline and for that reason they are rewarded. Ways on how this can be done vary. For instance, if one of the motivating factors for the dog is physical affection, then a nice pat or rub on the back would suffice. Most important pointer to note here is that the reward should come immediately after the action. This enables the dog to co-relate the reward to the right action. Delay in rewarding may result in confusion and subsequent failure in training.

Stop Your Dog From Chewing Dog Positive Reinforcement Training

What are some of the best dog training positive reinforcement tips?

Timing is an important aspect if you are looking for results from successful training. Avoiding confusion will enable the dog to understand the whole process within the shortest time possible. The other important tip is consistency. This is in terms of the cues you use and the rewards that follow positive action. Using the same cues over and over again reinforces the message and avoids unwanted confusion. Being gentle and having fun while at it will make the dog positive reinforcement training enjoyable. There is an advantage in dog training positive reinforcement versus correction. The former is more humane and less aggressive for both the owner and the dog.

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What are some of the areas in which this training can be applied?

There is always a specific reason as to why the owner trains their dog. For some it is to inculcate positive behavior while for others it is to get rid of negative traits. For instance – Positive results are achieved in dog barking positive reinforcement where the technique is used to train dogs to stop unnecessary barking. Moreover, dog aggression positive reinforcement has seen dogs become more gentle and lose the negative over-aggressiveness. Better yet, dog tricks Dog Positive Reinforcement Training has been used time and again to teach dogs a trick or two in a a gentle manner.

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