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Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review

The Online Dog Trainer video system is a Dog Training Tips pay-to-view web video series designed to help dog owners the world over by imparting useful and effective dog training tips. This video system is the brainchild of professional dog trainer and behavioral specialist Doggy Dan. With over 100 videos ready for viewing by people who have availed of paid membership, the Online Dog Trainer promises to take every dog owner’s relationship with his pets to a whole new level: one without any stress, and with a whole lot of fun and understanding.

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What kind of Dog Training Tips does the the Online Dog Trainer provide?

The Online Dog Trainer video system’s salient features and characteristics are as follows:

· The Online Dog Trainer video website, fully endorsed by the New Zealand SPCA, where members can log in and access a plethora of dog training content

· Espouses a dog training method with strong points being that it is gentle, easy to put into place, and most importantly, it works

· A membership area which contains more than 100 videos tackling all there is to know about dog’s behavior, with the focal point being dog obedience: put differently, the need for a dog owner to be recognized by his pet(s) as the “pack leader”, and emphasizing on how a dog owner can show his dogs and puppies that he is their pack leader in a gentle, non-intimidating manner

· Videos tailor-made to enable dog owners to stifle the development of serious and unwanted dog behavior problems, including but not limited to aggression, selective hearing, unpredictability, hyperactivity, excessive barking, and separation anxiety

· A number of videos recorded during Doggy Dan’s live consultation sessions, allowing members to see the Online Dog Trainer program in action

· A number of videos that teach dog owners how to raise an obedient, calm, and happy dog from its puppy days

· A forum section where members can ask Doggy Dan questions directly

· A chance to try out the Online Dog Trainer system for only $1, with an option to continue on to full membership in case one wants to upgrade.

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What Makes the Online Dog Trainer So Special?

The great thing about the Online Dog Trainer is that, true to its promise, it works – and very well, at that. Once the basic “pack leader” method is finished, serving as a stable foundation for a good owner-pet relationship, Doggy Dan’s dog training proper, tricks and all, can be utilized with great success. The Online Dog Trainer’s core method is entirely calm and gentle, with no intimidation at all: something that works well with dogs’ nature and strikes at the heart of the their behavioral problems.

Parts of the Online Dog Trainer That Need Improvement

However, there are aspects of the Online Dog Trainer dog training tips system that could use some more work, such as the quality or resolution of the videos in the archive or the fact that the videos are not downloadable. Another thing that could be added to the system to increase its effectiveness is a PDF “handbook” of sorts enumerating and explaining Doggy Dan’s training methods that any dog owner can bring anywhere.

Dog Training Tips – A Final Word

The Online Dog Trainer is one video series that promises to generate results lasting a lifetime, and delivers with aplomb. This it does via delivering dog training tips that dogs will comprehend and respect. Focusing on the role of the dog owner as “pack leader” and forging strong bonds between pets and their owners, the Online Dog Trainer helps both lead happy lives.

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