How To Train A Dog To Sit – 3 Quick And Easy Techniques

tumblr mglekeiI5S1rutv1ao1 400 300x300 How To Train A Dog To Sit   3 Quick And Easy TechniquesWhen it comes to obedience training for your dog, teaching your dog how to sit on command is a great place to begin the training. Train A Dog To Sit is a command that can be very easily taught to your puppy. Even your dog can master and understand commands, but remember, dogs can only master this skill quickly if the training is correct. By learning this skill, your dog will gain a lot more confidence and this confidence will serve as a strong platform to build upon with other, more advanced skill sets and command comprehension skills.

Here are 3 proven techniques that will assist you when you want to Train A Dog To Sit

Technique #1 – Catch Them in the Act

This first technique is ideal for younger puppies. When you are with you puppy, and you see him or her about to sit or if they are in the act of sitting, in a clear and in a firm tone of voice, say “sit”. As soon as the puppy is sitting, award him or give him a good scratch behind the ears. By doing this, you are building a connection in the puppy’s mind between your voice saying “sit” and the motion of the puppy actually sitting. It is important that you always reward your puppy when they follow your instructions. It will help the puppy comprehend the situation a lot easier.

Technique #2 – When the Leash is Off

This technique is especially effective with older dogs, as it seems to work perfectly every time. All you have to do is stand in front of your dog with one of his or her favorite treats in your hand. Put the treat an inch or two higher than your dog’s nose. Your dog will then reach out for the treat with it’s mouth as his rear hits the ground. As soon as his rear hits the ground, give your dog the treat and a good scratch. Keep repeating this step until your dog begins to understand it; from there on out, you can insert your verbal command at cue. Take note – if your dog has to jump for the treat you are holding out, then you are holding it a little too high. Lower it and try again.v5c1l1 300x185 How To Train A Dog To Sit   3 Quick And Easy Techniques

Technique #3 – When the Leash is On

If your dog is having difficulty responding to the two techniques that are listed above, or if you just personally prefer to use a collar or a leash in your training session, then this third technique should work for you brilliantly. Stand next to your dog, making sure that you both are facing the same direction. Hold the leash straight up above the dog’s collar. As you are doing this, gently press down against your dog’s back while saying “sit”. As soon as the dog is seated, reward him and give him a good scratch. After doing this repeatedly, your dog will begin to understand the command, and you will be able to execute this command without the leash in your hand.

These three techniques are very common and useful ways to train a dog to sit. Follow the technique that you feel is best for you and your dog, and make sure that the all the family members at home or the people that you live with, follow the techniques as well. That way they can command the dog too and also help reinforce the training. On top of that, your dog will very much appreciate the training consistency.

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