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How To Train Your Dog To Sit & Stay

A pup that can sit and stay on command is normally very simple to manage while you are away from home. There are also mandatory commands that are required when the dog is in the presence of visitors or around children. When you Train Your Dog To Sit & Stay properly at a tender age, he will soon master these commands. This will also help in reception to more advanced training as he matures.

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Tips On How To Train Your Dog To Sit & Stay

This is one of the most significant part of dog training and once mastered will be of assistance when it pertains to your dog learning other tricks and skills. Patience is very important when it comes to dog training, so you should choose to train your dog when you are in good mood. Dogs react badly to negativity and you must ensure that you are positive all the time. You must avoid yelling or punishing unnecessarily. Use of treats is the best way to train your dog to sit. You should give your pup the treat as a reward for tasks that are correctly completed. He will notice that he is being praised for doing something right. He will thus continue doing the same thing to get treats he enjoys as well as attention.

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Treats should not be given because they may lead to unhealthy teeth as well as might make your pet overweight, making your dog unfit.

Training should again be done in a quiet place where there are minimum distractions. The following steps should be followed:

  • Stand to the left side or in front of your dog.
  • Place the treat just above the dog, so that he notices it but out of reach.
  • Gradually move the treat over his head, but do not place it too high because he will jump. If this is done correctly, it should make the dog to sit.
  • Just before the dog sits down, use a clear strong voice to say their name and command SIT. This timing for when the command is give should be exactly when he is about to sit down to help him in associating the command and sitting down.

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  • Praise your dog with “good”, “well done” or any other phrase in a happy voice as soon as it sits down.
  • Give your pet a little pat and the treat as a sign of appreciation to their achievement.
  • During any training session, the command should not be repeated more than 5 times. He needs to look at the training sessions as fun not forced. You can even opt to have more than one session in a day.

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Training Your Dog to Stay

Training your pet to stay will be a relatively simple exercise because young dogs are keen to please. Your dog has now discovered that treats follow after doing something that makes you happy. It is advisable to use signals of the hand together with the “stay” command so that he can get used. Hold your hand straight with your fingers pointed downwards and your palm towards the dog. This signal gives the stop impression as it implies a wall or a barrier. Give the “stay” command, as you put up your hand signal. As soon as the pet complies, reward with a treat. Then increase the time he stays until he can manage several minutes. Every time he has hit your expectation, remember to treat and give him the relax command. We hope these tips on how to Train Your Dog To Sit & Stay has helped. Please share your questions and comments below.

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