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Master The Art of Loose Leash Walking With These Tips

Loose Leash Walking – Teach Your Dog To Stop Pulling

When you put a leash on your dog, does he rush in front of you, sniffing all around, pulling you along? If you are fed up with having your arm yanked by your dog, it is time to teach him loose leash walking.

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What Is Loose Leash Walking?

Loose leash walking is just teaching your dog to walk beside you. You can do this in a number of ways. Pulling your dog back and shouting “heel” at him is unlikely to work. We will discuss ways that will help you and your dog learn loose leash walking.

Where to Start?

The best place to start training your dog not to pull is in your home. Start as soon as you can after you bring your puppy home. Simply by putting a leash on them and walking around your home, you can start loose leash walking training. When he starts to pull ahead of you, just stop, call him to you. Then, when he gets to you, take a couple of steps back. When he is at the back of your heel, give him a treat there. If you want to begin clicker training with your dog, you can click when he is in the correct position, then give him the treat.

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If you do this a few times a day, for just a short amount of time, he will soon get the idea that you want him beside you. By adding treats, you reinforce the notion that beside you is a great place for him to be.

Going Outside

Obviously, you will want to take your dog outside for his walks. Just be aware that there is a whole world of new sights and smells outside to tempt your dog, so don’t be surprised if it seems your dog has forgotten everything. Just continue with the same behaviors. If he pulls, call him to you in a high voice, and when he reaches you, take some steps back. Reward him when he is at your heel.

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Your dog will appreciate loose leash walking games, and another you can try is to change direction on your dog. As soon as he starts to walk in front of you, say, “let’s go” and change direction. You can treat him when he is in the position that you want, just behind your heel. Keep doing this in front of your house until he starts to understand you want him to keep it up outside, too.

The Problem of Distractions

Your dog may get distracted when he is on his walk with you. To teaching your dog loose leash walking with distractions, you will need to anticipate possible distractions for him. It means you need to keep the focus of your walk on your dog. You will need plenty of treats that will keep your dogs attention on you. Treat him every few paces when you first start to train your dog. Use treats that are tasty, your dog’s favorite.

Distractions are always going to happen but if you teach your dog to focus on you when he is on the leash, then the distractions lose their power.

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No Treat Training

It is possible to learn loose leash walking without treats. Maybe you have a dog that is overweight, or for health reasons are not allowed treats. Treating is simply a useful reward; you can reward your dog with other things. One of the best things for your dog is praise from you. Use a higher pitched voice for praise, that way your dog will understand that you are happy with them. You will learn from your dogs behavior how high is too high – they will become excitable if it is too high and then you will have more problems controlling them.

You can make all that pulling and yanking your arms a thing of the past. You can turn your dog into the envy of the neighbors with his great behavior on the leash. Use these loose leash walking tips to transform his behavior and be the great dog that you know he is!

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