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Pack Leadership Dog Training – Establish Yourself As Pack Leader

Pack Leadership Dog Training is important since it helps deal with your dog’s behavioral problems and helps to create a feeling of love and companionship between you and your dog. It has being proven that dogs are some of the most social animals in the world hence once you establish yourself as the leader, it will reciprocate by respecting you and be well behaved.

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Pack Leadership Dog Training Tips On how to establish yourself as the leader:

Be a role model:

More often than not, dogs imitate their owners hence they are most likely to adopt your behaviors and attributes. It is recommendable to strive and be a role model to your dog so as to institute various virtues such as confidence, dignity and calmness.

Decide the Pecking order:

This applies if you have several dog pets at home. To do this right, it is advisable to always feed the top or your favorite dog first before feeding the rest. By doing this you will display authority to them and in return they will respect you and adore you as their leader.

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Give Permissions and directions:

This will help him learn good morals and virtues. Take time to institute some good manners into him. For example if he fancies walking on your couch, try and restrict him so as to discourage such behaviors. He or she should learn to seek permission before doing something, for example if you walk with him to the lake, he should ask for permission before going to swim. It is recommendable to sometimes deny him permission so as to establish yourself as the Alpha.

Teach him to obey your first commands:

It goes without saying that repeating the same instruction every now and then is very boring and annoying. Hence, you should train your dogs to respond to your commands or instructions fast without necessarily having to repeat the same command every now and then.

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Choose your commands wisely:

Your dog will not abide to your commands or rules if you do not follow up and ensure that it sticks to them. Based on this fact, it is recommendable to ensure that you follow up on your commands so as to ensure that it always obeys you. This might be difficult during the initial stages but once you establish yourself as the leader; it will be more submissive and obedient.

Be fair when reprimanding him or her then forgive: Of course, once in a while your dog will act inappropriately. How you respond to the wrong behaviors determines if it will respect you accept you as its leader. It is recommendable to reprimand quickly and fairly but be sure to forgive and forget. Do not hold any grudge with your dog lest it will avoid you like plague. Hitting the dog will paint a negative picture of you, instead you should shake its collar or force it sit down instantly. Pack Leadership Dog Training is a sure way of ingraining good behavioral traits in your dog.

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