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Dog Training Tips

Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review

The Online Dog Trainer video system is a Dog Training Tips pay-to-view web video series designed to help dog owners the world over by imparting useful and effective dog training tips. This video system is the brainchild of professional dog trainer and behavioral specialist Doggy Dan. With over 100 videos ready for viewing by people who have availed of paid membership, the Online Dog Trainer promises ...
DC40 Wireless Transmitter Collar

Garmin Astro 220 Dog Tracking GPS Bundle – DC40 Wireless Transmitter Collar Review

The DC40 Wireless Transmitter Collar helps you track your hound’s every move with great precision and accuracy. The device is simple to use. Just turn on the transmitter and the handheld and within seconds you will get the GPS signals from the satellite. Attach the collar to your dog and set him loose and start tracking. The Astro 220 is also one of the few handhelds on the market with a color ...
Dog Obedience Training

Best Dog Obedience Training Tips

Dog Obedience Training takes real patience. Training your dog can help improve its life, create a strong bond between you and your dog as well as ensure its safety. Dogs are often eager to learn new things, and effective communication is important for dog obedience training to be successful. The dog will need to understand how you want it to behave. Here are 3 best tips for training your dog. Dog ...
Dog Aggression Training

Understanding Dog Aggression Training

Dog Aggression Training: Understand and Get Rid of Your Canine’s Aggressive Behavior Aggressive dog behavior is a serious behavior problem. You can prevent your dog from developing this unwanted behavior by means of appropriate dog aggression training. To start with, you need to understand what makes your dog behave in a particular manner. Leash Your Pet When Outside Although it is usual for ...
Positive Dog Training Methods

How To Change Dog Behavior Using Positive Dog Training Methods

Positive Dog Training Methods 101: The main reason why you should train your dog is not to teach them how to perform amazing tricks and exhibitions but to let them learn the importance of having a good behavior. A well-trained dog can become a very close member of your family especially when they act just as how you want them to behave. Although it may be quite difficult to train your dog, you will ...
How To Stop Dogs From Digging

How To Stop Dogs From Digging – Why Do Dogs Dig Holes?

The act of digging is a normal behavior for dogs but How To Stop Dogs From Digging? However, excessive digging problems can sometimes cause frustration to a dog owner and can put a strain on the relationship between him and his pet. Thus, determining the reasons as to why your dog or puppy is digging holes and learning about how to stop dogs from digging can help you put an end to dog digging to a ...
How To Train A Dog Not To Bark

How To Train A Dog Not To Bark

Here are tips on How To Train A Dog Not to Bark: A dog bark is a natural form of communication. They bark to express themselves, when they are feeling anxious or lonely or to guard their household. That is the main reason why your dog will bark repeatedly especially at night and at the time you are away from home. But sometimes, dog barking can be quite a nuisance especially to your neighbors, visitors ...
How To Train My Puppy Fast Review

How To Train My Puppy Fast Track System Review

How To Train My Puppy Fast will help you immensely if you have faced the following types of problems; Is your dog is difficult to deal with? Is he hard to housebreak? Or does he keep biting and shredding expensive items in your home? Does  he not come when you call him? Dogs can become annoying when they don’t listen to you, and can be especially annoying when they destroy your carpet by urinating ...
Train Your Dog to Come

How To Train Your Dog To Come When You Call

Trying to Train Your Dog to Come is one of the most fundamental steps in dog training. It is not just frustrating but it is also dangerous because at times, you call your dog to come to you when your dog might come across another dog or an oncoming vehicle. So it is very important that your dog learn to come to you whenever you call. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You tell your canine to ...
Train Your Dog To Sit & Stay

How To Train Your Dog To Sit & Stay

A pup that can sit and stay on command is normally very simple to manage while you are away from home. There are also mandatory commands that are required when the dog is in the presence of visitors or around children. When you Train Your Dog To Sit & Stay properly at a tender age, he will soon master these commands. This will also help in reception to more advanced training as he matures. Tips ...
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