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Pet Strollers For Small Dogs-Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller Review

The Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Strollers For Small Dogs is able to provide convenience and comfort to pet owners. People who bought the product feel that this stroller is best for use in bringing their pets wherever they want to go. In this product review, the pros, cons and special features will be discussed.

The Features of this Pet Strollers For Small Dogs

> The Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller PG8100ST is an eye-catching and attractive stroller for anyone’s little pet. One can do their outdoor chores with this pet stroller or simply stroll around and have fun at the park.

> It has shock absorbers in the front and rear brakes, that would ensure a comfortable and smooth ride for the pet.

> This stroller is suitable for dogs and even cats that weigh up to 30 pounds.

> It is foldable, through its one-hand fold mechanism. This is good for flat storage.

> It is made of waterproof material. It has a Euro-Canopy, removable weather guard and mesh windows all around it that provides ventilation and protection in keeping insects and other elements away from the pet.

> It has a parent tray and a storage basket large enough to put in the owner’s and pet’s essentials.

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Pet Gear PG8100ST Happy Trails Pet Stroller Pros

Most pet lovers appreciate the fact that there are already reliable and fashionable pet strollers for small dogs in the market.  The zipper panel, for example provides security for the pet and peace of mind for the owner. Moreover, the pet won’t feel trapped inside because of the mesh viewing window surrounding the stroller. Pet owners won’t worry about their pets jumping from the stroller and getting lost in the process.

This product is perfect for pets who like to go outside with their owners. Since it’s lightweight, it is easier to carry or push around, even with one hand.

This Pet Strollers For Small Dogs also provides comfort to both the pet and the owner because of its 8-inch wheels and shock absorbers. It provides a comfortable ride and easier for the owner to navigate even in rugged or non-smooth terrains.

Rain or shine, one can always take a walk around with their pets because the material is made from 600 Denier waterproof material. The canopy is fully-lined as well.

Owners won’t have difficulty storing pet strollers for small dogs such as the Pet Gear Happy Trails pet stroller. They’re foldable, and can be stored easily, and convenient to bring around in travels.

The parts are also replaceable. One just needs to know the terms through the brand’s customer service page on their website.

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Cons of this Pet Strollers For Small Dogs:

Some people who bought the product has minor issues with the handlebar. It is not expandable and might be a concern for taller people or to those want to be further back from the stroller. One way to improve the product would be to make the handle bar adjustable when it comes to position and length. Another thing to remember about pet strollers for small dogs, such as this is that, its use should only be for small-sized pets only. There are other strollers for bigger pets in the market though. One just needs to make sure their pet is only up to 30 pounds before purchasing this stroller. Wear and tear can be minimized by keeping all the moving parts in the wheels lubricated. WD40 would work just fine for this purpose. However, the swivel locks and brake components should not be included in the lubrication.

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