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Puppy Crate Training

How to Take the Stress out of Puppy Crate Training:

As the owner of a new puppy, you might think that puppy crate training is a cruel method of teaching your puppy, but there are a number of reasons why dog trainers use this method of training. There will be times when your puppy will need to be confined, such as when he needs to go to the vet or grooming parlor, or if he needs to travel.

The following steps will help you to get your puppy used to a crate in a happy, stress-free way, which will make him go into his crate willingly, whenever he is required to do so.

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Introducing your puppy to his crate

First of all, buy a crate which is specially designed for dog training purposes, from a reputable supplier. Once your puppy sees the crate, he will be a little wary of it, so it is very important that you get him to understand from the start, that it is something that is going to make his life happier for him, and is not something that he should be afraid of.

Get a friend to help you when you start training your puppy. Your friend should hold your puppy’s collar while you put a blanket inside the crate, a few chew toys, and some treats. Then close the door of the crate.

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Giving the command

Your puppy will be watching everything you do, and when your friend lets go of his collar, he will try to get into the crate, to get to the toys and the treats. After a minute or so, open the door, say “in the crate,” and let your puppy go inside the crate to enjoy the treats and the toys you have put there for him. Leave the door open, and let him take the toys or the treats out if he wants to.

What you have actually done here, is made your puppy want to go inside the crate. Instead of you putting him inside and closing the door, which would cause him some stress, you allowed him to go inside on his own, and left the door open too, so that he could leave the crate when he wanted to.

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Stick to a routine

Repeat the above exercise on a regular basis, each time giving the command “in the crate” to your puppy, and he will eventually get the idea of what you want him to do. To make crate training an even more enjoyable experience for you and your puppy, start giving him his food inside the crate as well.

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Put his bowl of food right at the back of the crate, and let him go inside to eat, without closing the door, because when he is done with eating, he should be able to leave the crate if he wants to.

Puppy crate training need not be the ordeal that many people imagine it to be. If done correctly, your puppy will enjoy going into his crate, and do will so willingly whenever you give him the command. Instead of him seeing the crate as some sort of punishment, he will think of it as just another extension of the happy and safe home you are providing for him.

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