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Successfully Train Your Dog With These Dog Obedience Tips

Looking for dog obedience tips? Let’s face it, nothing is more important than discipline. Without the correct discipline, reaching success is almost an ensured failure. In order to have the necessary discipline, it is crucial that we work hard on it, so that it lasts. This is true regarding animals as well. If you own a pet, then you probably know how difficult it is making them act the way you want. If you don’t have a dog and are planning to buy one anytime in the near future, you must realize that having a pet dog entails a whole lot of responsibility. One of the initial steps you must act upon when you bring a pet dog to your home is organizing a successful obedience training program. Dog obedience training is quite essential in ensuring that your puppy becomes the well-behaved dog you desire.

Here are a few useful dog obedience tips one could easily implement:

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Think And Act In A Positive Manner:

You may have thought that punishing your dog for his bad behavior may be a good method to let him know that you are in charge, though this isn’t really the real case. The fact of the matter is that dogs don’t respond very well to any negative reinforcement, which may include physical punishment and yelling. Choosing positive reinforcement over the negative one is the best dog obedience training tip one should keep in mind. By implementing negative reinforcement, you’ll just make your dog lose trust in you.

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Consistency Is Key

In order to be successful with your dog obedience program, you must be consistent. This factor ranks among some of the most important tips for dog obedience, as it is key for a successful outcome. If you really want to successfully discourage the dog from jumping on the furniture, then you’ll have to practically issue a very firm “NO” each time he tries to do so. Issuing a no at just one time and ignoring it afterwards will ultimately send the wrong signals to the dog, which would probably cause him to not understand which behaviors are acceptable and which behaviors are not. It is important that all household members implement this rule.

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The Stomach Is The Way To A Dog’s Heart

You should always make sure to reward your special dog for the good behavior he performs whenever going through obedience training. The more he is rewards the quicker he would learn that what he is doing is right. If you see your dog being quite without disturbing the house than give him some praise. Purchase some dog treats to give them when they perform well. Treats are extremely liked by dogs and should therefore be used wisely.

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At the end of the day, no matter what specific dog obedience tips one decides to implement, it is important to keep on with those rules long-term. It will all be worth it once you dog starts behaving appropriately. It doesn’t take that much time and effort to make your dog disciplined, only the right determination to do so! Dog Obedience is Not An Impossible Task!

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