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What Is Clicker Dog Training?

Before learning how Clicker Dog Training works, you should understand and believe that your dog can be trained. With your passion, motivation and patience, you will soon discover that your unending efforts to properly train your dog will pay off. Training Dogs can be frustrating if they have never been trained before but once they are, you will find why they are called man’s best friend.

Clicker Dog Training 101

The clicker training, or otherwise known as magazine training, is a very effective method of training dogs and other types of pets. It works through a principle known as reinforcement or reward. The clicker dog training method involves the use of a clicker, which is clicked whenever the dog performs something good. After the click, you, as the trainer, must give your dog a treat to reward his good deed. In this way, the dog’s good behavior will be reinforced.

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Although the method is proven effective and is recommended by many experts, certain controversies about it have been presented. One is the issue that dogs may become unhealthy due to the excessive number of treats. This is a serious matter which you should solve as a responsible dog owner. In order to prevent the problem, you must provide your dog with small treats as much as possible. Do not spoil them by giving huge treats from time to time. You should also reinforce and reward using materials other than treats.

How to Perform Clicker Dog Training

After understanding how the method works and the principle behind it, you are now ready to learn how to perform the clicker dog training. Here are some tips on how to perform the training effectively:

1. Learn to perfect your timing

Dogs can perform a lot of activities at the same time and if you do not know how to time your clicker perfectly, you may end up not reinforcing the behavior you want to reinforce. Just after your dog performs the likely behavior, you must click the clicker and give him the reward. You can perfect the use of your clicker over time as you continue training your dog.

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2. Catch your dog’s attention when clicking

In order to increase the impact of reinforcement, you should catch the attention of your dog before clicking your clicker. When the dog performs a good behavior, make sure that he is looking at you before you click. In this way, the behavior you want to reinforce will be retained in his mind more efficiently.

3. Do not train for long periods of time

One important thing you must keep in mind when using the clicker dog training is to never exceed the allotted time. Dogs have short spans of memory so you need to train them within the time period only. You can perform the exercise for 5 minutes, three times a day.

It will definitely be rewarding to see your dog become well-tamed and properly trained. Your dog has a very high possibility of getting trained as they are naturally trainable. But inĀ Clicker Dog Training, your patience and determination will play a big part in achieving your goals.

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