5 Keys for a successful Dog Training at Home

No dog is born educated. He naturally follow his instinct. Your dog is certainly adorable but often does it spontaneously ? Training a dog with a difficult character is far from easy. Your dog loves you and he is faithful and would do everything for you. This beautiful and adored behavior an be sometimes the source of educational problems.

In order to guarantee learning and mutual understanding in good conditions, some Secrets To Dog Training must be taken into account.

training dog secrets

1- Be Patient

Always keep in mind that the secret keys in training a dog are patience and repetition. Understanding and assimilating orders can take time. Your Puppy or dog does not understand the human language, then associating a specific word with an action can not be done overnight.

Discouraging and losing patience are useless, because your dog will feel it and you risk losing control of the training situation quickly. The right attitude is to repeat tirelessly instructions and to congratulate your best friend as soon as he has achieved something good.

2- Creating a Favorable Environment

To train your dog, choose a quiet place where your pet will not be distracted. If everything is new to him, such as new home, new masters, maybe other four-legged companions, try to Reassure him … Do not complicate his task by training your dog in a noisy or strange environment.

On the other hand, when it is well accustomed and that he obeys perfectly to the basic demands, you will be able to perfect the training in a noisier environment so that it becomes accustomed.

3- Rewarding Your Dog

If the dog does not understand human language instantly, he will quickly memorize the affection you are showing him. A dog always tries to please his master, so do not be stingy of caresses as soon as he understands or succeeds an action.

You can also offer him a treat and make him understand that he has managed to please you. It will certainly try to reproduce the action that has satisfied you.

4- Don’t forget to play with your Dog

Efficient dog training sessions should be short in few minutes, spaced throughout the day by intimate moments in the form of games, during walks, during visits to friends, during meals … Training process should not be precipitated or accelerated, because good results may take time.

5- Be Positive

We can do everything by gentleness. The positive attitude of a Dog Owner is very important for your friend who is able to feel all the angers and frustrations of its owner. Praise your dog, be in a good mood, show him your confidence and try to encourage him constantly.

dog training tips

Do not hesitate to talk and communicate as much as possible with your dog. If he does not understand your words, he will decipher your feelings just at the sound of your voice. Training a dog takes time and requires energy, but with a lot of love and patience, you will come to achieve everything.

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