Best Dog Obedience Training Tips

By | May 10, 2018

Dog Obedience Training takes real patience. Training your dog can help improve its life, create a strong bond between you and your dog as well as ensure its safety. Dogs are often eager to learn new things, and effective communication is important for dog obedience training to be successful. The dog will need to understand how you want it to behave. Here are 3 best tips for training your dog.

Dog Obedience Training Tip #1 – Understand how your dog learns:

Dog Training tips

To be able to communicate effectively with your dog, it is important that you understand how it learns. Dogs typically learn through instant consequences of behavior they show. The nature of these consequences will determine how your dog will behave in the future. Like people and other animals, dogs want to be rewarded with good things for their work while avoiding the bad things.

A dog is likely to repeat a behavior that results in a reward such as food, some playtime with its dog buddies, a soothing belly rub or even playing a game of fetch with its pet parent. But if a certain behavior results in losing things it finds rewarding or simply being ignored, the dog is likely not to repeat that behavior often.

Dog Obedience Training #2 – Keep the training sessions short:

Dog Training Tips

Dogs, like kids, have short concentration spans. While there’s no set rule for length of a session , an average training session should not last more than 15 minutes, and should be even less if possible.You can focus on one skill in that session, or switch between several but different skills. To keep the dog interested, consider doing about 5-15 repetitions of a single behavior then switch to another behavior and do the same number of repetitions.

Alternatively, teach the dog new skills during the session and help polish the old ones by doing repetitions at different convenient times during the day.For instance, ask the dog to sit or lie down before you give it food. This way, the dog will master the already learned skills while you’re teaching it new ones.

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Dog Obedience Training #3 – Work on one part of a skill at a time:

Smart Doberman Dog

Most of the skills dogs are taught are usually complex and have several different parts. Іf you try teaching your dog many things at once, the two of you may become frustrated . As a rule of thumb, start with one part of a skill and add another part when the dog has mastered the first part. For instance, first train your dog to sit-stay and till it’s able to stay for several minutes in a less distracting environment while you stand next to it. You can then teach it to stay while moving away from it. And while you focus on teaching the dog the other part of the skill, ask it to stay for a few seconds again.

Іf the dog is now able to stay while you move around, slowly increase the duration of the stay. You can then add the next part of the skill (training the dog in a more distracting environment). But as you make the sit-stay skill harder by adding distraction, ensure both the duration and distance are a little easier, just for a while. Remember that in Dog Obedience Training – By first working on the parts of a complex skill separately and then putting them together, your dog will find it easier to learn the skill, helping avoid frustrations for both of you.