Choosing Healthy Food for your Dog – Homemade or Commercial?

By | April 9, 2019

Some dogs would really eat everything. That’s why we can not give them the choice and must offer them a healthy and balanced diet. There is plenty of canine foods choices. If you have a Cookbook for dogs in your kitchen, choose a recipe that fits his lifestyle, and choose the best food you can afford. Your dog’s food should contain a balanced mix of nutrients and provide him with the amount of energy he needs depending on his size and the exercise he usually does. So what is the healthiest food to feed to your canine?

healthy food for dogs

Many breeders first feed their dogs with animal offal that they find in the butcher’s shop. Meat is very nutritious, cheap and they love it. It is also the most natural food for dogs since it reminds them of what their ancestors ate before being domesticated. However, this diet has some disadvantages, including the risk of getting dangerous bacteria. Then the question is: what’s the the most good popular dog food?

Food for allergic dogs

There are types of food for all kinds of dogs, especially those with vitamin deficiency or even allergies. You will also find Dog recipes specially designed for fragile stomachs or against internal parasites. Make sure to choose food that is reasonably priced so that you can continue to feed your dog over time.

Finally, remember that any sudden change in his diet can cause stomach upset to your canine; it is better to always give him the same quality food to keep him in good health, that’s why you should cook suitable homemade meals for your Dog.

cookbook for your dog

Different types of food

There are several ways to feed your Pupy or Dog. In concrete terms, food types are classified into these categories:

  • Croquettes: dry commercial food, the most used nowadays.
  • Dumplings in boxes: the wet commercial nutrition, also very widespread.
  • The “homemade meals”: a food cooked for your Dog every day at home.
  • Raw meats and bones, without cereals. Not recommended because it is not enough to cover the nutritional needs of the dog: excess of minerals, deficiencies in trace elements, vitamins and fatty acids …
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In the case you choose commercial food, such as cans or kibbles, there are several levels of quality:

  • Very good quality food, so-called “healthy” or “Premium Dog Food” that will be adapted to each canine according to his breed, his age, his level of activity. You can find these foods at your veterinarian or in specialized circuits or in pet stores.
  • Standard foods, which you can find in supermarkets.

Homemade food or commercial food for dogs?

The real difficulty is preparing a healthy and balanced meal every day. This requires knowledge of canine nutrition. It is necessary to know perfectly the exact needs of your dog, which vary according to his breed, his age and his level of activity.

Homemade Food

This type of food can be healthy if it is prepared in your kitchen in a good way with fresh ingredients. It must be made up of meat, cereals, green vegetables  added to oil, brewer’s yeast and complements of vitamins and minerals. For so, use a Dog’s Cookbook for creative Delicious canine Dishes.

But homemade canine food can generate significant constraints, first in terms of cost because a balanced diet includes expensive ingredients (fresh meat, vegetables). Then, you should count the time of preparation of his meal, whose shelf life is usually short (2 or 3 days in the refrigerator). Finally, the dietary result is average, especially since the dog will tend to sort and eat only what he prefers which accentuates a food imbalance.

Regarding the mixture croquettes / boxes or croquettes / leftovers table, the exact composition of the bowl can not be defined, this type of diet is considered a homemade ration and is certainly unbalanced!

Vet recommendation: Beware of the “old-fashioned” diet, ie a soup made from rice, pieces of meat for animals (very greasy) and leftover tables! This type of diet is very unbalanced and leads to significant deficiencies, harmful to the health of the animal. Any standard industrial food is preferable.

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Commercial Dog Food

Commercial canine food is fast to prepare and above all it is always balanced. If you take a “standard” food, your dog will receive sufficient nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat), but no guarantee on the origin and quality of these nutrients. Premium foods are made from high quality ingredients with a higher nutritional level and digestibility. what is the best dog food on the market?

Commercial foods are made by specialists in canine nutrition. These foods contain all the nutrients in optimal proportions, so it is not necessary to add vitamins, minerals or any other ingredient or supplement, but The Home-Cooked Dog Food can be more healthy if you are able and have time to cook for him.

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