does your dog sometimes seek attention?

Dogs behave strangely sometimes… So, for example, why do some of our four-legged friends try to grab their own tails? Our in-house veterinarian and columnist in 6/8, explains why your pet sometimes seeks your attention.

In fact, the dog quickly identifies attitudes likely to provoke a reaction from its master and then adopts stereotyped behaviors, such as trying to grab its tail. And the more the master reacts, the more the dog will reproduce this behavior.

The attention gained by this unusual attitude is indeed perceived as a reward. Sometimes these stereotypical behaviors can become more troublesome, such as a dog barking consistently when its owner is on the phone. “It is then advisable not to react but on the contrary to reward your dog when he remains quiet” specifies our house veterinarian!

A dog that constantly licks us… How do you explain that?

Licking can have several meanings: it can be in the first place a sign of submission and/or affection of the animal towards its master. “It can also be a reminiscence of the time when he was a puppy and he was asking his mother for food”

On the other hand, if the dog licks itself compulsively, sometimes going so far as to injure itself, it is imperative to consult a veterinarian or a behaviorist.

What about the dog that sniffs another dog’s behind?

You should know that “the dog has a sense of smell about a million times more developed than that of humans”. Olfactory recognition plays a big role, both towards his masters and towards the other animals he comes across. During walks and if the animal does not show signs of aggression, it is very important to let it smell the other dogs, who thus “introduce” themselves to each other and exchange different information.

It is also essential to allow dogs to feel the behind, because if the leash is held too short and only the muzzles brush, it can be interpreted as a provocation!

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