Help Homeless Dogs – Support Stray Dogs

Hello My name is Ema. I live in Flint, Michigan!!

With My Dog Milo, a homeless dog that I adopted 5 months ago!!

We ( NonProfit Team of 4 People) are writing here because we believe that we have the same cause.. Our Love to ALL Dogs!

We are spending most of our time in writing what we find helpful for Dog owners.

We love Dogs.. All Dogs!!

Why Should We Help Homeless Dogs?

“At this very moment, in USA, Canada and around the world, there are many stray dogs. They are left to their own fate in animal refuge centers or in the street, where they suffer and often die after being hit by cars or attacked by other animals, victims of extreme temperatures, cold, hunger, disease contagious or facing many other dangers. Many stray animals are shot, maimed, tortured, burned or poisoned or killed in other cruel ways.”

Support Stray Dogs!!

We will appreciate your nice HELP and SUPPORT to our team to ADOPT more Homeless Dogs like Milo.

We can adopt up to10 Dogs in our homes.. it will be our pleasure!!

Thank You!!