Why is my dog smiling at me?

Many dog owners claim that their pets smile at them. Indeed, you should know that each animal has a character of its own and this could justify this behavior. However, science has also shown some facts and mentioned some reasons that may explain your pooch’s smile. Discover here these various reasons in this file.

The smile of a dog: the different reasons

Your dog is your best pet friend. You tend to talk to him, make gestures to him. Similarly, you certainly express your emotions in front of him. To be more concise on the reasons behind the appearance of a smile in your dog, here are some opinions from science.

An expression of submission

Sometimes, when the dog shows his teeth, it gives the impression that he is smiling. In reality, it can be a language of submission. You can notice that he often adopts the same behavior when he is in front of a congener.

Sometimes this smile appears when your dog finds himself in a situation where he does not know what reaction to adopt. Generally, if you observe it well, you will notice that a whole body language accompanies this smile. Its body becomes erect with a shifty gaze and a lowered tail. Your dog may be scared or nervous.

The reflection of your expressions

By being around you, your dog may tend to want to adopt your behaviors. He has surely seen you smiling and he already remembers it. Later, he will reflect the same behavior to express his mood or perhaps to show his friendship towards you.

You can analyze the dog’s body language to find out if he is more nervous than happy to see you. Here when a happy dog smiles you will notice that he has his tongue hanging out, his tail wags and his teeth bare.

The manifestations of a dog’s smile

The following should be of interest to people who don’t know how to recognize a smiling dog. Indeed, it does not happen the same way with humans.

To smile, the dog is content to open its mouth and let its tongue stick out by rolling up its upper lip. He also shows his lower teeth. You will notice a straightening at the two corners of his mouth. This gesture forms a kind of smile that is close to that of a human, especially when his face is relaxed with some wrinkles in his eyes.

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