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Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training – Helping You Bond With Your Pet

Dog obedience training can be a huge benefit to the pet owner who wants their dog to be a little more obedient. It can teach your dog everything from how to sit and shake to when it is okay for them to bark. If you hire a trainer to handle the training for you, it can also save you a whole lot of headaches. Why Use Dog Obedience Training? Dogs, like people, have a mind of their own sometimes and just ...
Smart Shopping Tips For Purchasing Dog Training Collars

Smart Shopping Tips For Purchasing Dog Training Collars

Dog training collars can prove to be a useful tool for implementing a plan for improving your dog’s overall behavior. Though many people have thought of these devices as restrictive, there are many ways to simply use them to correct the dog. In certain ways, using a dog collar can enhance the freedom of the dog, since it lets you take the dog out to the park and other places it could not go otherwise. ...
Alpha Dog Training

Alpha Dog Training – Establishing Alpha Position

Alpha dog training is important in order for the dog to know its rightful place in the human pack. It is important for a dog to take its right position to avoid taking control over everything. In most homes dogs fail to take their rightful position making them unhappy which is detrimental in their growth and development. This might also make the dog develop other psychological problems such as separation ...
Dog Crate Training Schedule

Formulating The Best Dog Crate Training Schedule

Training Your Dog – How a Good Dog Crate Training Schedule can make Your Dog Comfortable House training your dog can seem an uphill task at the start. Your dog should feel safe and comfortable in the confines of your house and not run around causing a mess everywhere. Crate training is an effective way of house training your dog. It results in the dog recognizing his crate as his personal den. ...

Dog Crate Training Problems

Before a crate can become your dog’s favorite resting place and lifelong friend, there will be a number of dog crate training problems to deal with. Not a single problem will be universal to all dogs, but almost every dog will have one or more problems before it can acclimatize to the cage. Essentially, therefore, crate training should be conducted thoughtfully and patiently, paying attention ...
Dog Crate Training At Night

Steps For Dealing With Dog Crate Training At Night

The Importance of Dog Crate Training at Night If you are looking for a way to housebreak your dog, the most effective and fastest way is to crate-train him. Dog crate training at night compels your pet to restrain himself from excreting whenever he feels the urge and eliminate only at certain times and at certain places. It is also an effective method by which his bladder and bowels can be strengthened ...
Dog Crate Training

How To Deal With Dog Crate Training Whining?

Help Your Dog Overcome the Dog Crate Training Whining Stage Whether you have a new puppy in your home or you have an older dog that you are trying to train to use a crate, you will have to deal with a certain amount of dog crate training whining. This can be very annoying for you, however, you should keep in mind that some whining is normal and you can speed up the process by helping your pet to adjust. Inside ...

Dog Dominance Behavior – How To Recognize Dominant Behavior In Dogs

What is Dominant Behavior In Dogs? And how do you deal with Dog Dominance Behavior? Dominance refers to being in command or in control over others. In the society humans demonstrate dominance over others because of the hierarchies of our daily lives. Dogs too show dominance and this is not a bad thing but it should be controlled. A dominant dog is not necessarily an aggressive dog. But if this dog ...
Dog Socialization Tips

Dog Socialization Tips

What Are The Top 3 Dog Socialization Tips? Dog socialization refers to the process by which a dog is acquainted with the experiences he is likely to have or encounter while living with you. Appropriate dog socialization is necessary for the future emotional health of your dog. By getting exposure to people, places, dogs and different situations he will encounter in his life, will help him be able to ...

Dog Training 24 The Dog Obedience Training Program Review

Dog Obedience Training: Why do you need it? Although adopting a dog involves many sacrifices and changes in lifestyle, the rewards greatly outweigh the losses. Your relationship with your dog will be one of the most fulfilling relationships of your life. However, a great part of the joy in keeping a dog involves in training that dog to be obedient to your commands. Dog obedience training is needed ...
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