DogTread Small Dog Treadmill with K9 Fitness Kit Review

With the purchase of a DogTread Small Dog Treadmill with K9 Fitness Kit, your family pet can stay in perfect shape while preventing dog behavioral problems. The DogTread Treadmill is specifically designed for small dogs in mind because it is programmed to think exactly like one! It controls the gait of the dog with rails on each side while the dog is walking on the treadmill. This durable, portable motorized treadmill is perfect for any small dog who weigh less than 30 lbs. Studies show that dogs, just like humans, should have daily exercise habits to stay healthy and live longer.


DogTread Small Dog Treadmill with K9 Fitness Kit Features

  • Open stride low profile design to simulate real walking and running.
  • Programmable speed, time, and distance
  • Pre-programmed workouts
  • Quiet and vibration free
  • American Pet Association 5 Star Approved
  • Increase training intensity to simulate outside terrian
  • Portable and durable for years of use
  • Slime line space saver design
  • A run area of 30 inches by 14 inches
  • LCD Console – Program Speed, Distance and Time for each workout. Red Safety Start and Stop is easy to identify. Included remote control provides additional training versatility.
  • Instructional DVD and Recessed Treat Holder – Provides a convenient way to dispense and hold treats during the initial stages of training. NOT FOR WATER, TREATS ONLY.
  • Sturdy, Attractive Dog-Friendly Design – The DogTread is equipped with a whisper-quiet motor and is free of any holes, meshes or seams where a dog might get small paws caught.
  • Space-saving Portable Design – Securely rests on its nose for convenient storage. Transportation wheels makes it easy move the DogTread to any location.


DogTread Small Dog Treadmill with K9 Fitness Kit Pros and Cons

The DogTread Small Dog Treadmill with K9 Fitness Kit is perfect for any small dog breed under 30 lbs, however, some dogs may have longer legs and will not fit on the treadmill naturally. There is a SureFIT DogTread Gait Check that can be found of the DogTread website that can be used to measure your dog’s gait.

One of the best things about this treadmill is that you can program time, speed, and distance. Just like a treadmill for a human, it also comes with multiple pre-programmed workouts. This will teach your dog the concept of obedience through routine behavior.

Veterinarians recommend that most small dog breeds get 45 minutes of exercise everyday, regardless of the weather outside. Not only is this small motorized dog treadmill durable and portable, it is also made out of high quality materials that will keep the DogTread working properly for years to come. Which means it will be able to withstand the necessary constant use of your dog.


The concept of a small dog motorized treadmill may seem like the perfect idea for your dog, however, there is concern about where it will fit in the home. If you have a family, you most likely do not have the open space for a large and bulky pet item. DogTread solved all your fears and designed the treadmill so it can be easily stored on its side or on end to end. It is very lightweight so all you have to do is give it a good push into the corner of any room or large closet.


With the slim, portable and durable design of the DogTread Small Dog Treadmill with K9 Fitness Kit is a great addition to any home. It may seem a bit on the pricey side, although, this will be money well spent. Our pets are just like members of the family and they need to be just as happy and healthy as anyone else. Plus, this treadmill will teach your small dog discipline through routine and how to walk with a proper gait. This means no more tugging on the leash during walks outside.

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