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ProSelect Empire Color Cage for Pets Review

Color Cage for Pets comfort and safety

Dogs are strong animals that are difficult to contain especially if the cage is made of weak material. With plastic, wood and weak metallic bars, the dog can easily chew, claw or push their way out of the crate. In order to solve this problem, one needs a crate made of strong material for peace of mind. The Color Cage for Pets is specially made with strong big dogs that need to be contained in mind.

ProSelect Empire Color Cage for Pets pros cons

Comes in two colors

This cage comes in two colors for variety and preference; pink and blue. The variety in color allows you the freedom of choice. The bright colors are attractive and also come in handy when you need to brighten up a place for instance; the pet salon or veterinary shop.

Strong durable material

The Color Cage for Pets is made from heavy duty steel material to ensure that your dog stays within its bars. The frame of the cage is made from 20 gauge steel with 1/2″ steel tubes. Such a strong material makes it impossible for dogs to chew or break the crate. The cage comes in handy during a home event especially if one has an unfriendly dog that is likely to scare visitors. Keeping it caged sees to the visitors comfort and security.

Designed for strong animals

The Color Cage for Pets is specially designed to fit and contain even the strongest of dogs that have previously broken free from multiple weaker cages. This is also ideal for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety (xanax) and ransack the owner’s house. The strong material gives the owner peace of mind when leaving the house that it will still be intact upon return.

Removable tray

The cage of the ProSelect Empire Color Cage for Pets is fitted with a tray at the bottom which comes off easily during cleaning. The tray is made for comfort since the dog cannot rest on the bare bars or steel tubes. You can put a dog pillow on the tray for it to rest and add comfort. Any food spillage from the feeding bowls also falls on the tray instead of going through to the floor. The same case applies to pet litter. Cleaning only involves removing the tray and rinsing it.

Safe for pets

Most dogs have been known to chew or scratch their way out of closed spaces and in this case cages. In the process the bars that come apart can pierce their skin, mouth or break their teeth or claws. Such accidents are guarded against with this ProSelect Empire Color Cage for Pets.

Pros of Color Cage for Pets

  • Easy to assemble
  • Last for a very long time
  • Attractive

Cons of this Color Cage for Pets

  • Heavy to lift
  • Noisy floor tray which makes a scary loud bending noise
  • Weak breakable hinges

ProSelect Empire Color Cage for Pets pros rating

The strong steel material makes the cage heavy to life but this problem is solved by the wheels on the cage. The wheels facilitate moving around of the cage from one place to another. The Color Cage for Pets is an ideal choice for anyone who has a dog that needs to be contained for one reason or another. It is spacious enough to keep the dog comfortable and allows it to stretch whenever it needs to.

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