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Dog Food Secrets Review – SCAM or Legit?

Latest Dog Food Secrets Review – is this a Scam?

Veterinarian Wendell Belfield says: “Despite industry claims that animals have a long and healthy life by following a commercial diet food, veterinarians are confronted daily with the contrary evidence of sick animals. We frequently have acute reactions such as diarrhea, vomiting and skin lesions. Most of the time, however, we experience symptoms of degraded health, reduced efficiency of bodily functions and organs, renal hepatitis to adulthood due to excess protein, weakened immune systems and allergic reactions …

dog food secrets reviews

“We are seeing the cumulative effect of all these Scam Dog Foods such as additives, toxins, lead, and the highly dubious provenance of all natural ingredients. As a veterinary practitioner, I agree that all health problems are far more prevalent than they should be, and that many of these problems appear to be exacerbated or directly caused by the many more than doubtful ingredients found in meat foods in box for dogs. “

Up to 50% of trademarked products are essentially animal, industry euphemisms for different pieces of deadstock, slaughterhouse waste, 4M meat (dead animals, sick, dying or in bad shape), supermarket discards, and a large number of  dogs died in animal centers.

Encouraged by commercial labels such as those found on Hills Science Diet premium quality boxes stating that “only the highest quality ingredients are used,” consumers commonly assume that the quality meat products are the majority of the commercial food they feed their pets.

Shocking Statistics about Commercial Dog Food Scam

In the United States, more than 95% of dogs derive their nutritional needs from a single source: cans and dog food. As a result, this industry is a thriving business that has a bright future ahead of it.

In 1998, US sales of Commercial dog food amounted to $ 5.9 billion. This number represent a 25% increase since 1993. With approximately 55 million Dogs. Such profits are obtained by minimizing costs and improving the flavor (appeal in terms of taste, odor, color and texture) of the products sold.

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Each dog has approximately raised $ 107 a year to industry. By 2002, the US feed industry had a capital of $ 11 billion. This food industry uses a variety of ingenious substrates in the feed to minimize its (production) costs, many of which pose health risks soma. This ensures that profits are maintained while the consumer’s understanding of these risks remains minimal.

dog food secrets scam

harmful foods kill your dog

70% of the whole commercial food is made attractive to animals by the addition of a “digestive soup” – soup of partially dissolved chicken guts. Scientists working on animal feed have long discovered how to enrich a mixture of food remains otherwise inedible with artificial vitamins and minerals, how to protect them from rot during storage for a year or more, how to add booster enhancers taste and dyes to improve the flavor and appearance of the product, and extract the mixture thus obtained into fanciful shapes that will attract the consumer.

About Dog Food Secrets Solution

Dog Food Secrets is a comprehensive and truthful downloadable book available only in THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE. This is not only a Cookbook for Dogs, but in addition, an Ebook with full reviews which reveals the truth about all scams in Commercial Dog Food. This product provides all needed information about how to avoid toxic foods for dogs and how to succeed to make your healthy dog food at home with no need to all these expensive and harmful supermarket foodstuffs.

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Dog Food Secrets is, as well, an Easy To Follow cookbook for your Puppy or Dog created by Andrew Lewis according to nutrition dog experts and famous veterinarians advice. This System is now followed by thousands of Dog owners around the world.

According to latest customer reviews, Andrew’s Dog Food System helped a lot of people to guarantee the good health and long life of their dogs by following this step-by-step guide. It is a final solution to avoid health problems and behavior issues by providing all natural and useful Proteins and Vitamins to your puppy or dog, by using The Dog cookbook part.

What Will You Find inside Dog Food Secrets System?

This Dog Food System will teach you a lot on how to make easily delicious and healthy meals for you beloved Dog. In addition, The Gold Package will give you much more learning and backing. The Gold Package incorporates 11 books (three of them have been recently distributed). The entire Dog Food Secrets Package will enable you to have a happy and solid canine. It reveals a whole Food System that will guarantee and improve your Dog’s health for sure.

Dog Food Secrets should have a place in your kitchen, to prepare your dog Food yourself. It includes specefic meals of meat as well as vegetable dishes for breakfast, dinner, hamburger or other treats (like cakes for Dogs). The cookbook for Dog emphasises six parts that explains how vitamins and beef can be more useful and healthy when they are cooked with the right way in the suitable recipes.

This is an example of what is used for every Dog Recipe in The Cookbook pages:

dog cookbook recipes

The bottom line

  • All dog owners (including myself) are mistrustful about commercial Dog Foods and how we should be more concerned about what we are providing to our Puppies and Dogs as nutrition.
  • Sure, Pets are trusting their owners and they will accept anything they feed them, so it is a big responsability for all to take the right decision.
  • This Dog Food System is revealing real secrets about The Right and Healthy meals, using only natural ingredients and products to make easy homemade recipes for your Dog, so there is nothing to worry about.
  • According to Dog Food Secrets Ratings and Reviews, this System is useful for thousands of Dog Owners.
  • This System is created by Andrew Lewis, a famous specialist in pet nutrition.
  • It is now recommended by many veterinarians in USA and Canada.
  • With the 60-day money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose if you purchase The Dog Food Secrets System. If you don’t see clear results, you can get your money back.

dog food secrets reviews scam

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