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does your dog sometimes seek attention?

Dogs behave strangely sometimes… So, for example, why do some of our four-legged friends try to grab their own tails? Our in-house veterinarian and columnist in 6/8, explains why your pet sometimes seeks your attention. In fact, the dog quickly identifies attitudes likely to provoke a reaction from its master and then adopts stereotyped behaviors, such as trying… Read More »

is the behavior of dogs really related to their breed?

What to expect if you decide to adopt a Chihuahua or a husky? Besides their size, are their character and way of being so different? It is not that simple. This was brought to light by American researchers and the international association of animal behavior consultants working together within the Darwin’s Ark scientific project. They explain that training… Read More »

How to take care of an elderly dog?

When the dog ages, his needs change: food, exercises, health, many parameters must be taken into account and monitored in order to provide him with maximum comfort, love and attention during the last years he will share. with us. Should you eliminate your activities or just reduce them? How to arrange his environment when the dog becomes blind… Read More »

Emotions in dogs, what can we say?

Human beings have long mistakenly considered that the animals closest to them, whether they are farm animals for food or pets, are devoid of emotions. However, fear, anger or disgust participate in the survival instinct of living beings. Similarly, other emotions such as joy, sadness or surprise represent sensations essential to the cohesion of the group or the… Read More »