How To Train Your Dog To Come When You Call

Trying to Train Your Dog to Come is one of the most fundamental steps in dog training. It is not just frustrating but it is also dangerous because at times, you call your dog to come to you when your dog might come across another dog or an oncoming vehicle. So it is very important that your dog learn to come… Read More »

Dog Socialization Tips

What Are The Top 3 Dog Socialization Tips? Dog socialization refers to the process by which a dog is acquainted with the experiences he is likely to have or encounter while living with you. Appropriate dog socialization is necessary for the future emotional health of your dog. By getting exposure to people, places, dogs and different situations he will encounter… Read More »

Formulating The Best Dog Crate Training Schedule

Training Your Dog – How a Good Dog Crate Training Schedule can make Your Dog Comfortable House training your dog can seem an uphill task at the start. Your dog should feel safe and comfortable in the confines of your house and not run around causing a mess everywhere. Crate training is an effective way of house training… Read More »

Alpha Dog Training – Establishing Alpha Position

Alpha dog training is important in order for the dog to know its rightful place in the human pack. It is important for a dog to take its right position to avoid taking control over everything. In most homes dogs fail to take their rightful position making them unhappy which is detrimental in their growth and development. This might… Read More »

Male v/s Female Dogs – Preferences & Differences

There are some differences of male v/s female dogs and they can be seen in their behavior, training and other aspects of daily pet life. If you want to get a dog you are not sure about the gender, there are some things that can make you reach a decision easier. Preferences & Differences Of Male v/s Female Dogs General… Read More »