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Basic Commands Of Dog Training

If you are looking for some great information on Basic Commands Of Dog Training, then you’ve hit the jackpot because our website contains tons of info on Dog Training and Dog Obedience. In this article especially, we discuss some of

the most basic Basic Commands Of Dog Training that you need to master. Dog owners want their dogs to be under their control and fun to be with at all times. In any case, dogs share our cars, homes, and often on our beds or furniture. They serve as our family’s guardians, our children’s playmates, and our companions when taking long walks. Dogs are not born having proper behavior in human society.

This is the part where basic commands of dog training come into play. However, some dogs are easier to coach than others. In the same way, some commands are easier to instruct than others.

The following are some of the basic commands of dog training:

Sit command

This dog training command is the cornerstone of all basic dog training commands. This command is quite helpful especially in giving treats, feeding crossing streets during walks, and when leaving the house. This is an absolute must-command during dog training.

Down command

This command requires your dog to go down when its rear legs, front feet, and front elbows are touching the ground. The main purpose of this command is to inculcate calmness in your dog.

Heel Command

With this command, there are two things the dog is supposed to do depending on the situation. If you are walking, your dog should be on your left side with its shoulders and head directly lined across your left foot. In the recall command, heel means that your dog should be sitting at your left side, although, this is taught in formal obedience training. This command is also supposed to instill calmness.

Here or come (recall) command

This is among the very important basic commands in dog training. This command means that your dog should come to you when you call out for it. This is a prerequisite command in your dog’s training. It helps you become the dog’s alpha which is very important for the dog to learn.

Stay command

This command is also important in making you your dog’s alpha. This command requires your dog to remain in its current position whether it is lying down, standing, or sitting. It should relinquish its position until you release it. This is important even for the dog’s safety especially if you are in a busy street.

No command

Despite the simplicity of the word ‘no’, it is imperative that your dog learns its meaning. This is a very effective command that will help you save valuable time.

Training your dog these basic commands in dog training is not only important in having an obedient dog but also in strengthening the bond between you and your dog. However, for your dog to respond to the training, you should ensure that your dog is well-fed and comfortable. A dog that is confused, hungry, and anxious will not act upon commands positively.

Additionally, you should reward the dog when it carries out the desired command. Avoid using violence or anger because it will make the dog afraid of you which makes the training more difficult. These basic commands in dog training will help you miss tons of dog behavioral problems.

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