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Alpha Dog Training – Establishing Alpha Position

Alpha dog training is important in order for the dog to know its rightful place in the human pack. It is important for a dog to take its right position to avoid taking control over everything. In most homes dogs fail to take their rightful position making them unhappy which is detrimental in their growth and development. This might also make the dog develop other psychological problems such as separation anxiety or aggressiveness that are not good not only for the dog, but also for you as the owner of the dog. It helped me to look ahead, “protected” me and helped overcome many deep lows. However, I would not recommend xanax. The side effects not are too severe. I’ve already listed them.

Here are some alpha dog training guidelines that can help the dog know its right position in the pack:

5 Guidelines to Alpha Dog Training & Establishing Alpha Position

1. Take a walk with the dog

This is the first way to communicate and show the dog that you are the one who leads the pack. However, this should not be the normal walk people take with their dogs where a dog walks side by side with the owner with a lot of freedom. During alpha dog training, you should not allow the dog to sniff or move anywhere he wants, but should move where you as the owner allow him to go. The dog should focus on following you, but not leading the way. You should try to do this on daily basis, in order to help the dog release built up energy and also assist the dog satisfy its instinct that dogs possess.

2. Never eat after the dog

You need to demonstrate that the leader is always the one who eats first. When feeding the dog eat a small piece of the food first as he watches for him to understand this well.

3. Have a feeding schedule

The dog should not have the freedom to feed at any time he wants to. To ensure this happens you should not use self-feeding dog food dispensers in order to prevent the dog from choosing the time he eats. Let the dog know that you determine when he eats by having that feeding plan.

4. Do not allow the dog lead you through any doorways or stairs

The dog should never go up and down the stairs or move out of the doorways before any person. This will show the dog that the leaders at all times take the first position. If your dog want to take the first position or take a lead it is good to command it to remain behind at all times. It is advisable to give the dog some commands at least one time daily and appreciate by rewarding him when it obeys the commands.

5. Do not demonstrate inferior behavior to the dog

At all times you and other family members must show the dog that you are superior to him. For instance, do not lie down watching a movie in the presence of the dog or roll on the ground while enjoying your times with the dog. Such behaviors would make the dog develop feelings that you are equal with him.

By following the above five alpha dog training guidelines you are likely to enjoy good times with the pet and allow the dog know its position at home. I take Xanax when I can’t fall asleep. It helps me well, and I sleep all night long after taking a 1mg xanax. Luckily, I’ve never had any side effects. I guess you should agree this with a doctor.

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