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What Are The Top 3 Dog Socialization Tips?

Dog socialization refers to the process by which a dog is acquainted with the experiences he is likely to have or encounter while living with you. Appropriate dog socialization is necessary for the future emotional health of your dog. By getting exposure to people, places, dogs and different situations he will encounter in his life, will help him be able to deal with such experiences more effectively. This will help him have a positive outlook in life and the world in general. Dog socialization also helps to develop a well rounded and great companion in your life too.

Below are tips that can help when socializing your dog:

1. Ensure the safety of the dog during the socialization process

If you are socializing a puppy, it is advisable to ensure that the other dogs he comes across are nice just as he is. It is more effective to take the puppy in play groups that consist of puppies of the same size and age. This will ensure there is no molestation that occurs when they play, thus offering a safety environment for the puppy. Such a safe environment will help the small dog develop positive attitude towards other dogs and develop confidence as he grows. It is also good to avoid taking the puppy neighborhood dog parks where the puppy might encounter violent dogs. You should allow the dog to grow older before taking him to such dog parks.

2. Give the dog the opportunity to take the lead during the socialization process

It is worth noting that dog socialization process belongs to the dog and not you. Your role should be to facilitate the process, but not to take command. You should give the dog the opportunity to set the pace during the entire socialization process. If you try to take control of everything and command the puppy on what to do, this might make the puppy be traumatized. During the meet and greet experiences with other dogs or people do not force the dog to make contact if the dog looks nervous or disinterested. It is also not advisable to force the dog to play with a dog that he does not seem to like. This freedom is crucial for the growth and development of the dog.

3. Let the dog learn new experiences

It is important for your dog to meet other dogs as an important part of the dog socialization process. However, it is also important to consider other factors such as textures, smells and sounds that contribute to the growth of the dog. For instance, if the dog lives in a floor that has carpet, it is important to socialize the dog in a place that has other types of floors. In case your house does not have stairs take it to a place with stairs so that the dog learns how to use them. Let the dog experience new sounds, for example, car horns, baby crying and others in order make the puppy learn the world as an interesting place. Following the above 3 top tips on Dog Socialization Tips, will help your baby pooch as well as yourself.

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