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How To Train Your Dog To Come When You Call

Trying to Train Your Dog to Come is one of the most fundamental steps in dog training. It is not just frustrating but it is also dangerous because at times, you call your dog to come to you when your dog might come across another dog or an oncoming vehicle. So it is very important that your dog learn to come to you whenever you call. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You tell your canine to come. He does not obey you. You repeat your command, and he still ignores you. You get annoyed and you shot louder. Your dog heard you the first time. He just didn’t understand what you were telling him to do or he had no motivation to do it. You can take care of this problem and teach and Train Your Dog to Come when you call.

Tips on how to Train Your Dog to Come when you call:

1. Capture your dog’s attention

One excellent method to accomplish this is by means of the clicker training technique.

* Take your canine to a quiet room or an environment with no distraction. Call your dog’s name when he is not looking in your direction. When he looks at you, establish eye contact with your dog. After that, click your clicker followed by a treat.

* Gradually introduce distractions such as repeating the activity in the garden or with other individuals in the room.

2. Find out what motivates your dog

Write down all the things that your canine enjoys as treats, also grade them in importance.

Your canine may like some of these things:

* Stroking

* Running around with you

* Food

* Playing with toys

3. Train your dog to come by rewarding him with a TREAT each time he responds

If your pet is not properly motivated to answer your all, he may never do so, particular when he is absorbed in some other activity. Use the following technique to deal with this problem.

* Take your canine to an environment with no distraction and attach a training lead to his collar. Bend down and then call your dog’s name. He should look in your direction right away. When it responds, tell him to come to you.

* Motivate your dog to come. For example you can get all excited and clap your hands. This will make your canine to wonder why you are behaving that way and decide to take a closer look.

* If that does not make him come to you, pull on his lead a little.

* Grab your dog’s collar, give him some treat and praise him generously when he comes to you.

4. Practice The Training Several Times

To achieve lasting results, you need to practice several times

* Start the activity in your garden. Try out different things your canine really likes as treats, also record the way he responds with each.

* Take him to a park in your neighborhood, at first when there are only few people. In the beginning, put a lengthy lead on your dog’s collar, and tell him to come to you. Praise him generously when he comes and reward him by giving him is favorite treat.

* Bear in mind that there may be need for you to alter the reward so as to draw out the appropriate behavior, because the environment has changed.

* When you finally decide to release your canine from its lead, call him back repeatedly at the outset. As stated earlier, grab his collar when he comes to you and give him some treat. After that, let him go.

You need to be persistence and patient if you really want to train your dog to come whenever you call. Think of it as an exciting activity that you can perform with your pet and do not forget to always make use of positive reinforcement.

Ema Clark

Dog Trainer and Writer Since 2016. Over 17 years of experience working with all breeds and ages of dogs, using a variety of training techniques.

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