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How To Change Dog Behavior Using Positive Dog Training Methods?

Positive Dog Training Methods 101: The main reason why you should train your dog is not to teach them how to perform amazing tricks and exhibitions but to let them learn the importance of having a good behavior. A well-trained dog can become a very close member of your family especially when they act just as how you want them to behave. Although it may be quite difficult to train your dog, you will realize in the end that your struggles to teach him were never wasted.

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How to Change Dog Behavior Using Positive Dog Training Methods

Unlike humans, dogs cannot learn through oral communication. However, they can learn through positive dog training methods and environmental interactions. These particular dog training methods change a dog’s negative behavior into something positive with the use of reinforcement.

Unlike human beings, dogs, along with other animals, do not have an idea about what is right and what is wrong. The reinforcement principle works by rewarding good acts and behaviors done by the dog. Since rewards are highly appreciated by dogs, they will continue to do the good act with the idea that they will have a reward afterwards. With the use of this principle, the dog’s good behavior will be molded and reinforced.

A lot of studies regarding the efficiency of Positive Dog Training Methods in promoting good behavior have been conducted in the past. Since nobody can fully understand a dog’s behavior, there are no concrete evidences on how the method works. Nevertheless, a lot of experts believe on its efficiency. Performing Positive Dog Training can effectively promote a dog’s positive behavior as long as it is done well.

List Of Positive Dog Training Methods

Here are some positive dog training methods that you can use to train your dog:

1. Click training

Before the click training, you will have to purchase a good clicker which can be found in local stores and online shops that cater dog products. You should learn how to use the material and how to click it with perfect timing. When your dog performs a good behavior, click the clicker and give him some treats. Your dog will be able to associate the click with a positive feedback as you reinforce the behavior with a treat.

2. Cue training

Cue training is associated with the use of certain cues to teach the dog how to perform positive behaviors. For example, if you want to train your dog to sit down, wave your hand downward as a cue for the behavior. It may take a lot of effort for you to let your dog understand the cues but you should keep trying to succeed. After performing the behavior correctly, give your dog a treat.

It is highly advantageous to use Positive Dog Training Methods for several different reasons.

Here are some of the advantages of Positive Dog Training Methods:

-The dog learns to do the behavior willingly and not because of fear of punishment.

-The dog’s trust is fostered.

-The training does not cause harm both to the owner and the dog.

Instead of hurting your dog through punishments, you should make them feel safe and comfortable through Positive Dog Training Methods.

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