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Tips On How To Walk Your Dog On A Leash

Mastering the dog walk need not be a pain staking task if you learn some awesome tips that I am about to divulge below. Did you know that the trick to having a seamless walk with your dog is establishing that you, the dog owner, is the pet’s pack leader?

Here are some tips on How To Walk Your Dog On A Leash easily and effortlessly:


1. What type of leash are you using?

The most preferable dog leash size is small because you are more in control in guiding and controlling the dog’s stride. Place the leash at the top of the neck so you can help your dog understand that you mean business when you tell it where to walk and when to stop or start walking. Make sure that when you communicate and correct your dog you do so in a humane and patient manner because success isn’t guaranteed over night. You need to establish with your dog every single day that you are the pack leader and you are in charge during the dog walk and not the other way around.

2. Are you establishing your position during the walk?

Have you noticed who walks ahead? Is it you or the dog? You must always walk in front of the dog and not only that, but you should be the one who leaves the home exiting the door first and also the first one who enters the door entering the home. By following these simple three little tricks you can quickly establish with your dog that you are the pack leader. In cases where you see the dog walking in front of the owner, you know for sure that it’s the dog who thinks its the pack leader. That can lead to various problems such as dog obedience problems and dealing with other dogs during the walk. If you want your dog to obey you during the walk, then you must always walk in front of your dog.

3. Are your dogs needs being met?

You should put aside at least thirty minutes every single day to take your dog for a walk preferably in the morning because dogs like us humans are diurnal. If you can take your dog out for a walk for an hour that would be even better. Observe your dogs behavior during different times of the day when you take it for a walk and consult your vet as well to find out the best time to take your dog for a walk.

4. Are you using a reward system properly?

The rewarding doesn’t begin and end after the walk is complete. Did you know that you can reward your dog during the walk as well to further help you train your dog to walk as you like while on leash? Is your dog too distracted during the walk? Is your dog not paying attention to the commands you give it during the walk? The reward training system works best if you are struggling with How To Walk Your Dog On A Leash. You see, dogs crave attention and rewards and when they feel they are being noticed for performing well then they try to please their owners again doing the very same action(s) that got them the praise, attention, toys and treats in the first place. During the walk if your dog is particularly obedient, then you can give it a small treat and quickly praise it.

Additional Special Tips On How To Walk Your Dog On A Leash

Training Your Dog to Walk

  1. Give your dog enough time to walk, sniff around and finish doing its business or relieving itself.
  2. Establish how much time you are going to give your dog by following the same routine every day. Don’t walk for 15 minutes one day and an hour the next day. Also try to stick to the same time every day for your dog walks.
  3. Try to make the dog walk a special bonding time. Talk to your dog as you would a friend and bond with your dog. Dogs love going for walks and when the dog owners enjoy the one on one time with the dogs, the dog has a better time during the walk.
  4. When you return after the dog walk make sure that you don’t stop leading. Here is what you need to do to further establish you are the pack leader. You tell your dog to ‘Sit’ or ‘Stay’ even after entering the home or establishment and allow your dog to see that only after you finish putting away the dog leash, have put away your foot wear and are settled in, can your dog walk in and drink water and frolic about. This further helps establish you, the dog owner, as the pack leader. Your dog must learn to be patient even after the walk.
  5. Have your dog eat a meal after the walk so your dog thinks that it has “worked for food” and it is reward time.

Not only do you have a good walk with your dog, but you can exercise and get a great work out doing so. Don’t forget to pick up after yourselves and set a good example while dog walking. With following the above tips, you won’t have any more problems or question How To Walk Your Dog On A Leash.

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